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Shimadzu - Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS)

(Located in Saab/ETIC 308)

The Shimadzu 8040 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS is an analytical system that combines the separating power of liquid chromatography with the qualitative and quantitative power of mass spectrometry. Mass spectrometry detectors offer information including molecular weight, structural information, purity, quantity, and identity of sample. The LC/MS can analyze samples from small molecule to large proteins and peptides. It can measure a m/z ratio of up to 2000.

Ionization modes include electrospray interface (ESI) and dual ion source (DUIS). Duis enables ESI, APCI, positive and negative ionization in the same analysis, significantly improving efficiency by simultaneously analyzing a wide variety of compounds in a single run.

Data Acquisition modes offered are:

  • SCAN
  • SIM-selected ion monitoring
  • Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM)
  • product ion scan
  • precursor ion scan
  • neutral loss scan modes

Scanning in positive and negative modes occurs simultaneously. Using LabSolutions software, the LC/MS offers automation, method optimization, and data analysis techniques.

The CRF offers training to become independent users or services to run samples for our customers. We offer a C18 RP column along with acetonitrile, methanol, and water for mobile phases. Users are required to supply their own columns, HPLC methods, mobile phase additives, and a properly prepared sample. All mobile phases, columns, and samples must be approved for use in LC/MS before any analysis. The scheduling of samples, training, and services must be approved by contacting Wendy Gavin at: prior to signing up for a reservation on the CRF website.