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Amnis Millipore - FlowSight Imaging Flow Cytometer

(Located in Saab/ETIC 308)

The Amnis® FlowSight® Imaging Flow Cytometer has three excitation lasers (405, 488, 642nm) and twelve standard detection channels that simultaneously produce brightfield, darkfield or side scatter, and up to ten channels of fluorescence imagery of every event at ~20X magnification with high sensitivity CCD cameras. The FlowSight® provides users with the ability to gain detailed images of a large number of cells in a relatively short period of time and the opportunity to perform a range of novel applications including co-localization, internalization, stem cell differentiation, cell cycle, phagocytosis, and cell-cell interactions. The instrument configuration includes with fluorescence amplification and minimal noise detection that results in very high signal sensitivity paired with a powerful quantitative image (QI) processing option. Data files can be analyzed using Amnis® IDEAS® software for image processing alongside traditional gating strategies or saved in .fcs format for analysis through alternate software types (i.e. FlowJo or ModFit™). In addition to being able to see the cells displayed in dot plots and histograms, the imaging provides analysis tools not available in conventional cytometers such as texture and spot counting.

Booking the Instrument

The time required for each sample is dependent on the cell concentration, the number of events needed and the complexity of the compensation strategy. A good general guideline for booking is 10 minutes per sample to start. Additionally, if your experiment requires a DNA dye or potential contaminants to subsequent experiments there will need to be a sterilization step (45min) which needs be included in the booking of the machine by the user. (This will be determined by BCL Staff when Data Acquisition Form is submitted and based on the experimental design.)

We do not currently accept MRSA or BSL-2 samples.