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WindSTAR brings the innovative research capabilities of leading universities to develop high-impact solutions to key industry challenges. WindSTAR’s goal is decrease cost and increase reliability at all stages of wind power plant development: component fabrication, array design, operations and maintenance.


Composites / Materials

  • Christopher Hansen (UMass Lowell) – Composites manufacturing and experimental characterization of composites
  • Emmanuelle Reynaud (UMass Lowell) – Experimental study and analytical modeling of materials structure-properties relations, mechanical, dynamic mechanical / rheological and thermomechanical materials analysis, indentation and nanoindentation testing, polymer composites and nanocomposites, inorganic glasses and hard coatings
  • Daniel Schmidt (UMass Lowell) – Materials chemistry, processing, analysis and structure-processing-properties relations, with specializations in thermosets, nanocomposites and nanoparticles, polymer-derived ceramics, thermal, barrier and fire properties measurements, and sustainable materials.
  • Andrew Schoenberg (SMCC) – Composites manufacturing, workforce development, technical assistance for industry
  • James Sherwood (UMass Lowell) – Finite element modeling, modeling of composite manufacturing processes, linking of the manufacturing process to the structural performance, high-speed impact

Control Systems and Optimization

  • Turaj Ashuri (UT Dallas)- Multidisciplinary design optimization of wind and wave energy systems, wind farm optimization, fluid-structure interaction 
  • Alain Bensoussan (UT Dallas)(FIEEE, FSIAM, French Academy of Science) - Risk and decision analysis in wind energy systems, stochastic control 
  • Yaoyu Li (UT Dallas)- Wind turbine control for energy capture and load reduction, controls and fault diagnosis for mechanical and electromechanical systems, dynamic modeling and controls of thermo-fluid systems 
  • Mario Rotea (UTD)(WindSTAR Co-Director, FIEEE) - Control systems analysis and design, structural control of wind turbines, control of wind storage systems, wind farm control

Fluid Mechanics

  • William Anderson (UT Dallas) - Computational fluid dynamics, turbulent flows, environmental fluid dynamics, high-performance computing, boundary layer meteorology 
  • Stefano Leonardi (UT Dallas) - Computational fluid mechanics, wind energy, super hydrophobic surfaces, oceanography 
  • Giacomo Valerio Lungo (UT Dallas) - Wind LiDAR remote sensing, wind tunnel testing, wind turbine wake modeling and control, wind farm optimization 
  • Eugene Niemi (UMass Lowell) – Aerodynamics of wind turbines, blade motion, response to gusts and tower support flow disturbances; wave effects on offshore wind turbine towers 
  • David Willis (UMass Lowell) – Computational aerodynamics, multi-fidelity unsteady potential flow methods, fluid-structure interaction

Software Engineering

  • Farokh B. Bastani (UT Dallas)(site director of Net-Centric Software & Systems I/UCRC) - Multi-tiered decentralized control systems, optimal real-time embedded control systems, proactive dependability assurance, automated multi-core control software synthesis
  • Kenneth J. Overton (UT Dallas) - Software and computer systems engineering, research to application technology transition, product development

Structural Health Monitoring / Vibrations

  • Peter Avitabile (UMass Lowell) – Structural dynamic modeling using analytical and experimental methods, experimental modal analysis testing, test/analysis correlation and updating of models, finite element modeling 
  • Robert Giles (UMass Lowell) – Radar signatures of field structures/vehicles and sub-millimeter wave inspection 
  • Murat Inalpolat (UMass Lowell) – Condition monitoring of gear trains and bearings, signal processing, and acoustics 
  • Christopher Niezrecki (UMass Lowell)(WindSTAR Director) – Structural dynamics, non-destructive inspection, structural health monitoring, acoustics, smart structures and materials, active vibration control, blade testing 
  • Tzu-Yang Yu (UMass Lowell) – Distant radar inspection, synthetic aperture radar imaging, electromagnetic wave-medium interaction, dielectric measurement and modeling of multiphase media, electrodynamic simulation, wavelet analysis

Additional Expertise

  • Babak Fahimi (UT Dallas) – Grid interface compatibility of wind generators, innovative electric machine technology for wind energy harvesting, stability enhancement and fault tolerant operation of wind generators
  • Hongbing Lu (UT Dallas) – Long-term durability of wind turbines and towers under creep, fatigue and environmental conditions. Accelerated life testing under multiaxial stress states. Non-contact full-filed geometry and deformation measurements using digital image correlation
  • Dong Qian (UT Dallas) – Stress and fatigue analysis of wind energy systems. Modeling of nondestructive evaluation of flaws and micro-cracks. Nonlinear constitutive modeling of composites
  • Kaushik Rajashekara (UT Dallas)(FIEEE, NAE) – Power converter topologies, control of generators, and grid integration for wind energy systems. Electrical system integration of the complete system
  • Samuel Paikowsky (UMass Lowell) – static and dynamic testing and analysis of deep structural foundations 
  • David Turcotte (UMass Lowell) – Firm and industry level educational and skills needs assessment and resource identification, labor market trend analysis, and supply chain opportunity assessment, workforce development