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The Center for Wind Energy is conducting research on a wide variety of topics that support the wind energy industry. These topics include:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Atmospheric Analysis
  • Composites Manufacturing
  • Computation Fluid Dynamics
  • Design
  • Energy Storage and Conversion
  • Geotechnical Design and Analysis
  • Structural Load Prediction
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Material Characterization
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Radiological Non-Destructive Evaluation
  • Resins and Nanocomposite Materials and Analysis
  • Reliability
  • Workforce Modeling and Training

The faculty and researchers in the Center for Wind Energy direct and are involved with an extensive network of centers, laboratories and departments that include:

  • Advanced Composite Materials & Textile Research Laboratory
  • Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Center for Electric Cars and Energy Conversion
  • Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Economics Department
  • Electrical Engineering Department
  • Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department
  • Geotechnical Engineering Research Laboratory
  • Mathematical Sciences Department
  • Mechanical Engineering Department
  • Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence
  • Plastics Engineering Department
  • Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Structural Dynamics and Acoustic Systems Laboratory
  • Wind Tunnel Laboratory