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Eugene Niemi

Eugene E. Niemi, Jr. Ph.D. Professor


Aerodynamics, Wind Tunnel Testing, Thermofluids

Research Interest

Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics & Convective Processes, Aircraft Performance & Flight simulation.

Educational Background

B.S., Boston University
M.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst, P.E.
Postdoctoral studies, biomedical engineering, Michigan State University
Ocean Engineering studies, Florida Atlantic University


Dr. Niemi’s coursework is in the areas of aerodynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and ocean engineering.  A licensed commercial pilot with an instrument rating and airplane single-engine land and sea ratings, he is also interested in aircraft performance analysis. Dr. Niemi supervised the design of the UMass Lowell human-powered submarine, the Rivershark, and was instrumental in helping the UMass Lowell team compete in the Human-Powered Submarine races held near San Diego in 1996.  He is also a member of the UMass School of Marine Sciences.