Two people working in the clean room at the Saab ETIC Building.

Project 5

A Heart Healthy Action Program For Puerto Rican Adults

Project Director: Sabrina Noel, Ph.D

This intervention project will develop and implement a Heart Healthy Initiative for Puerto Rican Adults (HIP) in Boston, MA, evaluate the efficacy of the program over two years, and establish a computer-participant working alliance that uses a health behavior automated dialogue (via an embodied conversational agent, ECA) to promote and re-enforce positive heart health behaviors over one year.

  • We will use participatory community-based research via focus groups (community members) and key informant interviews (stakeholders) to inform the development of this program, taking into account individual, social, cultural, and environmental factors that influence health behaviors (diet, physical activity, stress/anxiety, and social isolation) in this population
  • We will use ethnographic and qualitative techniques to examine the influence of multi-level settings on heart health behaviors and practices and assess baseline and longitudinal associations between the treatment (HIP) vs. comparison group and study outcome variables