Two people working in the clean room at the Saab ETIC Building.

Project 4

A CBPR Investigation Of Traffic Pollution And Cvd In Puerto Rican Adults

Project Director: Douglas Brugge, Ph.D.

This project will conduct environmental monitoring using our mobile air monitoring laboratory at the homes of participants to:

  • characterize the ultrafine particulate profile (UFP)
  • test associations between measured levels and roadway proximity and traffic density
  • test associations of UFP with inflammatory markers, blood pressure, and CVD risk factors

We will further develop evidence for a causal association between ultrafine particles and adverse outcomes by installing in-home HEPA filters and comparing biomarker concentrations in a double-blind, randomized trial. Finally, we will develop and implement a program to educate community members about the risks of exposure to UFP and disseminate information that can be used to reduce exposure.