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Boston Puerto Rican Health Study Projects

The Boston Puerto Rican Health Study is composed of 5 interrelated research projects, centered on our established cohort of 1500 Puerto Ricans, aged 45-75 years at baseline. Projects 1-4 directly build upon data obtained in the first two interview cycles (baseline and 2-year), during the initial funding period, by adding additional measures in a third 5-year interview. These additional measures include:

  • Project 1 - heart disease risk
  • Project 2 - additional measures of the social environment
  • Project 3 - the role of genetic factors in heart disease risk progression
  • Project 4 - and the role of air pollution on heart disease risk

Each of these projects examines overlapping aspects of likely causal direction in the progression from social determinants of stress to health behavior to allostatic load and biochemical risk factors and on toward evidence of CVD, in the presence of genetic variability. With three points, over five years, we will be able to examine linear relationships with changes in multiple measures using new statistical modeling procedures that maximize the use of data.

  • Project 5 - a multidimensional community-based intervention focusing on diet and exercise, with consideration of social integration to reduce heart disease risk.

This intervention was conducted with participants who are not in the cohort, but who are living in the same communities.

Questionnaires in English

Questionnaires are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader in order to view them. It can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website.

Los Cuestionario en Espanol

Cuestionarios estan en formato PDF. Usted necesitará Adobe Reader para verlos. Se puede descargar de forma gratuita desde el sitio web de Adobe.


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