Two people working in the clean room at the Saab ETIC Building.
Renee Wurth
Renee Wurth, MS RD Ph.D. Candidate at Northeastern University


Focus on environmental health within vulnerable populations, including analyses on: air pollution and cognition, the gut microbiome, and endocrine disrupting compounds and diet.

Research Interest

Interest in studying how various environmental exposures differentially impact vulnerable populations and ways to mediate and mitigate these exposures through community interventions and policy.

Educational Background

B.S in Medical dietetics and biology from the Ohio State University
M.S in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University


Researcher focusing on environmental health within vulnerable populations, with a focus on mediators such as the gut microbiome. I have completed a fellowship at the J Craig Venter Institute on microbiome analysis and am soon to do a fellowship at UC Berkeley on environmental health justice and policy.

Additionally, I am involved in the MIT and the Harvard microbiome clubs, as well as a fall 2016 MIT Impact Scholar.