Undergraduate: Explore Business & Entrepreneurship


Salmaan Kapadia '15

"My experience with the Lowell Association for the Blind (LAB) was in one word: brilliant! Upon arriving at the LAB, I was wholeheartedly welcomed by the entire team. From reading news articles live on the radio on the first day to meeting some of the most soulful people on earth, I can say that this experience was a life changer. Thanks to my manager, Elizabeth Cannon, I was able to manipulate all of the technology available in the office, research nonprofit grants and connect our organization to the world through social media. This association does an incredible job in sticking to what I believe is the best mission in the area — to enrich the lives of the visually impaired. Finding price quotes for advancements in technology and inputting entries into programs such as DonorPerfect and QuickBooks were only a small part of the equation. My job at the LAB was much more defined and satisfying. I got to make people happy. Twice a week I spent time assisting the Adult Program by helping with breakfast and taking the clients out to places with our wonderful Youth & Adult Program Coordinator, Christie Cleaver. Christie and I also took the kids to the movies, on tours, and other places that we knew would make them smile. I truly have been blessed with meeting such kindhearted people, and I feel that this organization reestablishes a positive image on humanity. As an accounting major, I never expected to be working in the social services sector, so I am very thankful for this opportunity. If it weren't for UMass Lowell and Prof. Deborah Finch, I would not be as privileged as I am today. Until technology advances to the stage when visual impairedness can be cured once and for all, I know in my heart that the LAB will always be there to bring light to our society."

Business Administration

Juliane Dykiel '15

"In summer 2012, UMass Lowell gave me the opportunity to explore a field that I really love. I interned for my brother's equine-related company,
www.AllHorseStuff.com. What was unique about my work was that I wasn't given one repetitive task; instead, I learned about every single aspect of starting and running a business. I spent my days doing online marketing and networking, blogging and video, and even retail. Prof. Ashwin Mehta of the Manning School of Business guided me through the process of developing a business plan that organized my diverse tasks. I also got to do some field work with Hadrien, a respected trainer, training difficult horses and developing an online horse training program through videos and articles. It was a great summer, and I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity."

Karie Judge '14

"Working as a research assistant under Prof. George Joseph for this project has been a great experience for me. The main goal of this co-op was for me to understand research concepts and literature reviews. Other goals are to become familiar with research concepts involving different journals, different search engines, search terms, and topics within journals. I also learned to develop the basic ability to carry out a literature search, including identifying journals, search techniques and articles, as well as communicating research through developing literature review and referencing sources. In addition, I have developed the basic ability to work with research databases in management and accounting. We have looked at facts and done comparisons among different accounting certifications. Lastly, we are working to understand and familiarize with Capital IQ by developing the ability to explore, download and extract data."

Daniel Cook '14

I think I have enjoyed my co-op experience so much because it has been unique. I was lucky enough to have a single work experience that connected to both my major in Business Administration and my minor in Writing. With the help of my adviser Dr. Frank Andrews and the assistance of UMass Lowell writers Karen Angelo and Jill Gambon, I contributed articles to the Manning School of Business newsletter. I had the chance to interview outstanding students and interesting professors and to become more involved on campus. The newsletter was distributed to over 7,000 University alumnus to gain support and to highlight the progress being made in the Manning School of Business. It was an honor to have my writing seen by so many people affiliated with UMass Lowell and to get my work published online. I have made many valuable connections through my co-op that I hope will serve me well in the future."

Isaac Kakungulu '12

My research project was based on a research paper that investigates which auditing firms are perceived to perform the highest quality audits in Massachusetts. I have taken part in the data collection process and have enjoyed various aspects of my co-op, including the hands-on approach and weekly meetings with Prof. Stefanie Tate, where she helped bridge the gap between my knowledge of Accounting that I had learned in my classes and the various ways in which nonprofit organizations organized their financial statements in the real world. This experience has provided me with a glimpse into the kind of research work that is done by accounting professors while improving my personal accounting skills and work ethic."