Undergraduate Research

Timothy Pflanz, Electrical Engineering

“My REU has been a wonderful learning experience; being a freshman I was taught from the ground up by research advisors.”
"My internship this summer has been very educational. The first thing I learned was how to use a Linux-based operating system, which I had never used before. After learning how to use Linux, I learned how to write programs using FORTRAN. After that I ran two experiments with another undergraduate named Chrisna Nguon. In the first experiment, we used a resonating tube to measure the distances to the maximum and minimum amplitudes of the sound wave being generated inside of the tube. In the second experiment, we put a piece of foam inside the tube and calculated the specific acoustic impedance of the foam by measuring how much of the sound wave was absorbed or reflected by the foam. I then presented the results of the second experiment to some of the other students and the professors to get feedback on my presentation and the experiment. I also wrote a technical paper on the results of the second experiment using a program call Latex. The next thing I did was to write a code in FORTRAN that simulated the scattering field generated when a sound wave hits a sphere. I just started my final project for the summer. I have to figure out how an acoustic wave will scatter when it hits a wedge shaped object. Over all, I think that the co-op experience has been good so far. I have learned many new things as well as how research is done, so it will help me in the long run.”