Undergraduate Research

Chrisna Nguon, Electrical Engineering

“My internship this summer has been very educational.”

“For my REU, I worked at the CACT (Center for Advanced Communications and Telecommunications) where the specialization is in acoustics and waves. My research deals with applying an acoustic wave onto a spherical object and observing the scattering that results from passing through the object. This is done through experimentation and simulation from coding. Scattering has medical applications that can be used to detect for diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis. My REU has been a wonderful learning experience; being a freshman I was taught from the ground up by research advisors. In the CACT, there were plenty of grad students who could offer advice and assistance. My research advisor, Prof. Kavitha Chandra, has even signed me up to do a presentation at an ASA (Acoustical Society of America) conference.”