18th Annual Student Research Symposium

Presenter and Judging Information

Poster presentation participants must be present to discuss their topic during the scheduled poster judging and viewing prior to the symposium. As stated in the poster guidelines, the student is responsible for bringing their own poster to the event and setting it up (see event schedule for set up times). Each college will have a 'Best Poster' awarded depending on number of submissions (up to $500 cash prize). Minimum of one award for each college, but could be more depending on total number of submission for each college.

During the scheduled poster session, two to three judges (UMass Lowell Alumni and Industry Leaders) for each college will visit and evaluate each poster. Presenters must prepare a two-minute overview of their posters for the judges. Presenters should also be prepared to answer questions about their topic.

The judging criteria were conceived in order to fairly evaluate presenters and poster. Each presenter, including those at an early stage in his/her project, is intended to have an equal opportunity to achieve the highest score in each category. The judging form is divided into the following categories:

  • Poster Content
  • Poster Appearance/Clarity
  • Poster Organization
  • Presenter's Oral Presentation

Please check out the Judging Rubric (pdf) for scoring and category definitions. This should help you in organizing your poster and presentation. Remember that the style of the presentation should be engaging and the content should be interesting. The poster presentation should be well organized and easy to follow. Fonts and images should be clear and interesting to read. Be sure to work with your faculty advisor on both presentation and poster.