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2016 Symposium

19th Annual Student Research & Community Engagement Symposium

On April 19, 2016, more than 130 students from all six colleges participated in our annual Student Research & Community Engagement Symposium. Prizes were awarded to participants from each college, and we would like to recognize and congratulate the following students:

From the College of Engineering:

  • Michaela Fitzgerald, Junwei Su and Margery Pelletier (Civil Engineering)
  • Kyle Homan (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Zarif Farhana Mohd Aris and Margery Pelletier (Plastics Engineering)
  • Jarrod Vaillancourt (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

From the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Celin Carlo-Gonzalez (History)
  • Kyleigh Clark (Criminology and Justice Studies)
  • Kelsey Gilbert (Psychology)
  • Nicholas Imperillo (Criminology and Justice Studies)

From the College of Health Sciences:

  • Donald Ludwig, Erin Crawford, Bonnie MacAdams, Dugyns Maceus and Jennifer Martin (Nursing)
  • Barbara Smith, Cheryl Sifferlen and Niaira Martins Vaz (Nursing)
  • Dennis Walsh (Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology)

From the College of Sciences:

  • Ryan Hannagan (Chemistry)
  • Taylor Matte (Biological Sciences)

From the Manning School of Business:

  • Lingna Sun (Finance)

Fan Favorite

A new addition to this year's symposium was poster "fan favorite" voting in which attendees were able to cast a vote for their favorite poster. The winning teams included:

  • Maxwell McCabe, Andy Lay, Sarittick San and Christian Bain (College of Engineering)
  • Rachelle-Marie Mannarino, Kathryn Fanale, Broghan Gilligan, Makra Long, Synthia Ekeh and Sonia Cruz Rivera (College of FAHSS)
  • Alfred Lutaaya, Sonia Marcello, Lathell Rolle and Erin Sullivan (College of Sciences)
2016 Student Research & Community Engagement Symposium Photo Gallery
2016 Symposium Booklet

We would also like to recognize and thank the judges who helped to make this year's symposium a success:

Jim Wilde
Julie Alig Thomas Bianchi Rob Busch Michael Callahan Elizabeth Cannon
George Cernigliaro Diane Chang Officer Jeffrey Connors Officer Bill Emmons Christopher Doona
Pauline Dyer-Cole Suzanne Frechette Paul Gerbi Elizabeth Hale Kiuchul (KC) Hwang
Mayur Khumbani Renae Lias Claffey John Locey Cecelia Lynch Melisenda McDonald
Denise McQuaide Patrick O'Mullan Michael Satterwhite Larry Scipioni Eugene Skrabut
Timothy Stucchi Ekta Suman Patricia Walker Kacie Wells

“This university-wide event celebrates the impressive scholarly accomplishments of our students."

Julie Chen, Vice Provost for Research