A student presents at the UMass Lowell Student Research Symposium.

More than 140 students from all six colleges participated in this year's student symposium. We offered 'Best Poster' prizes for each college and would like to recognize and congratulate the following winners:

From the College of Engineering:

Marisel De Jesus Vega (Chemical Engineering)
Eliad Cohen and Jarrod Vaillancourt (Plastics Engineering)
Michaela Fitzgerald and Ellen Gerardi (Civil Engineering)
Jeffrey Martell (Mechanical Engineering)

From the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences:

Edward Weeks (Criminal Justice)
Henry De Lima (Psychology)
Melissa Kiessling (English)

From the College of Health Sciences:

Neda Baniasadi (Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Technology)
Sherilyn Peabody, Judith Agwu, Anna Ngo and Dana Semiglia (Nursing)
Samantha Spoto (Nursing)

From the College of Sciences:

Richard Giadone, Margaret Pelletier and Krishna Kumar Malu (Biotechnology)
Kathleen Oram (Physics)
Christopher Ford (Environmental Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)

From the Manning School of Business: 

Deepti Kumar (Finance)
Lauren Turner (Leader and Organization Studies)

We would also like to recognize and thank the judges who helped make this year's symposium a success:

  • John Burke        
  • Robert Busch
  • Michael Callahan
  • Judy Casagrande
  • George Cernigliaro
  • Joshna Chittigori
  • Pauline Dyer-Cole
  • Sharon George
  • William Glover
  • Louise Griffin
  • Rana Gupta
  • Colin Hessel
  • Michele Holland
  • Jerry Holland
  • Oscar Hsu
  • KC (Kiuchul) Hwang
  • Nader Kalkhoran
  • Ken King
  • Janet Krevolin
  • Mayur Kumbhani
  • Richard Lynch
  • Brenda Maille
  • Melisenda McDonald
  • Danielle McFadden
  • Julie Praino
  • Laura Pruyn
  • David Schultz
  • Lynne Samuelson
  • Michael Satterwhite
  • Bob Siggens
  • Timothy Stucchi
  • Vincent Tucci
  • Patricia Walker
  • Hao Wang
  • Dan Weissmann
  • Frank Willwerth

2015 Student Symposium Abstract Booklet

2015 Photo Gallery