Student Researches "World Climate" Simulation Game


Student Symposium, 2012
Cecelia A. Hunt is a graduate biology student who researched how effective the "World Climate" simulation game is as a learning tool in teaching students about climate change. Cecelia had previously participated in the game during a class at the University, and says it was "a complete, mind-blowing experience," so she wanted to take a closer look at how useful simulation games are as an alternative learning tool. Celelia loved conducting the research. "As a bio student I've had a lot of time in the lab, and my training has been very lab oriented, and so this research experience has been incredibly out-of-the-box for me," she says. Cecelia says she loved her education at UMass Lowell, and she doesn't want to leave the University to find a job. "UMass Lowell has opened a lot of doors for me. It's given me a lot of opportunities. I've enjoyed the classes that I've taken...the research that I've done, the faculty that I've worked's been an overall incredible experience." Cecelia graduates this May.