Student Research Symposium, 2014

Student Research & Community Engagement Symposium 2014

More than 170 students from all six colleges participated in this year's student symposium. We offered 'Best Poster' prizes for each college and would like to recognize and congratulate the following winners: 

From the College of Engineering: 
Saroj Bhatta, Dassou Nagassou and Rafael Castro (Mechanical Engineering)
Arash DeylamSalehi (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

From the College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Graduate School of Education and Manning School of Business: 
Victoria Cote (Economics)
Christopher Horne (Economics)
Alexa Queenan and Savanah Marshall (Psychology)
Devon White, Patricia Luki, Kianna Ferrante & Michelle Foran (Psychology)

From the College of Health Sciences: 
Carly Carritte, Amanda Gillis, Zoe Doherty, Samantha Laflamme, Allison DiBurro & Juliet Hamway (Nursing)
Allyson Cecchini, Lauren Cusato, Kelly Sullivan, Shabnam Billimoria, Collen Monaghan & Alyssa O'Neil (Nursing)
Nicole Khvilivitzky (Nursing) 
Andrew MacDuff, Brandon Lyons & Nicholas John (Physical Therapy)

From the College of Sciences: 
Seda Babroudi & Margery Pelletier (Biology)

We would also like to thank the following people who judged the symposium this year:                       
Will Andrinico
Mark Boden
Judy Casagrande
Louis Coiro
Eric Correnti
Ed Cronin
Walter Dawson
Pauline Dyer-Cole
Tom Ferraguto
Chris George
Andrea Graham
Victoria Hatem
Patrick Henning 
Michele Hollandv
Christopher Iby
Linda Kilbride
Rob Kimball 
Janet Krevolin
Danielle McFadden
Brenda Maille
Joanne Mavroides
Robert Melilo
Susan Pasquale
Carolyn Rolfe
Lynne Samuelson
David Schultz
Maria Sheehy
Molly Sheehy
Larry Thatcher
Aleksandra Ward-Tugbiyele


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