Meet Our Staff

  • Christopher Beaudoin, Ph.D.

    Christopher Beaudoin, Ph.D.

    Senior Engineer - Radar Systems

  • Talal Chouman

    Talal Chouman

    Engineering Manager – Target Fabrication

  • Michael Coulombe

    Michael Coulombe

    Senior Manager – Solid State Systems

  • Guy DeMartinis, D.Eng., SMIEEE

    Guy DeMartinis, D.Eng., SMIEEE

    Senior Research & Development Engineer, Adjunct Faculty

    Millimeter and terahertz wave systems design and applications.

  • Jason Dickinson

    Jason Dickinson

    Senior Scientist – Software Systems

    Terahertz imagery, terahertz systems, signal processing, radar algorithm development, radar scattering phenomenology, multidimensional data visualization

  • Andrew Gatesman, Ph.D.

    Andrew Gatesman, Ph.D.

    Associate Research Professor, Assistant Director, Co-Principal Investigator

    Optical properties of materials, millimeter-wave & terahertz frequency optical systems

  • Robert H. Giles, Ph.D.

    Robert H. Giles, Ph.D.

    Professor, Chair, Distinguished University Professor

    Experimental laser physics, optics

  • Thomas Goyette, Ph.D.

    Thomas Goyette, Ph.D.

    Research Manager – Laser Systems

  • Thomas Horgan

    Thomas Horgan

    Engineering Manager – Mechanical