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John Lindberg, M.S., P.E., CIH

Research Occupational and Environmental Hygienist

Wannalancit 504

Research Interests

My interests include translation of occupational and environmental exposure research to the development of evidence-based guidelines for safer workplaces and improved environmental practices as well as management systems approaches to achieve organizational goals.


University of Vermont B.A., 1983 Physiological Psychology

University of Vermont B.S., 1987 Biology

University of Vermont B.S., 1991 Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Vermont M.S., 1992 Environmental Engineering

University of Massachusetts Lowell M.S., 2004 Occupational and Environmental Hygiene

University of Massachusetts Lowell Graduate Certificate, 2004 Radiological Safety


My work experience includes 30 years in community health, education, health and environment program management in industry, consulting, and development and delivery of workplace training content. During this time, I’ve held positions in county-level mental health services, elementary, secondary and university instruction, telecommunications equipment manufacturing, professional consulting services and academic research. Research projects include: Nanotechnology EHS risk management information gap assessment in collaboration with The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production and the Woodrow Wilson Center - Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN); Inhalation Exposure Assessment in Home Care Cleaning and Disinfection with the Safe Home Care Project.