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PACSI coordinates various annual events, lectures and courses on campus:

  • Days Without Violence - Every April since 1996, we hold a number of events around the anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Conflict Resolution - For several years, our main partner was Barbara Hildt of Youth Employment Services, an experienced youth trainer. We have also worked with various other programs, sometimes as part of Days Without Violence.
  • Lectures and Discussions - In addition to Days Without Violence, we sponsor and co-sponsor several lectures and discussions on campus each semester.
  • Curricula - There is an undergraduate major and minor in Peace and Conflict Studies, as well as a graduate degree and certificate. For more information contact Paula Rayman, 978-934-2902; or Robert Gamache, 978-934-3904.
  • Printed Resources - Reference materials on peace and conflict are available in O’Leary Library Room 500 (South Campus).