Submitting the Proposal Routing Form

Should the Principal Investigator (PI) email ORA to notify them of an upcoming proposal before submitting the Proposal Routing Form (PRF)?

No. The Office of Research Administration (ORA) will receive notification of the proposal once the PRF has been submitted and approved by all required signatories.


Can an Administrator access be added to the PRF after it has been submitted for routing?

If a College or Department Administrator will be monitoring the progress of the proposal, but their email was not included on the submitted PRF, email your ORA contact to have them added.

Does the PI need to complete the PI Credit field if the sponsor does not support indirect costs?

Yes. Even though no overhead funds will be delegated, this field must still be completed.

Can the PI designate Division of Credit to anyone listed as a Co-PI?

Yes. However, credit can only be granted to UMass Lowell (UML) personnel with overhead accounts. Overhead accounts are typically granted to Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Research Professors. Full-time benefited staff with overhead accounts can also receive Division of Credit

Who determines DCR status and how does this relate to compliance?

DCR stands for anyone involved in the Design, Conduct or Reporting of the project. The PI of the project is responsible for determining who is designated as a DCR on the project. Correctly indicting DCRs is critical to compliance with federal regulations as anyone at UMass Lowell deemed a DCR by the PI will need to complete a FCOI form. The PI must ensure consistency between the DCRs listed on the PRF and the names they enter when generating the FCOI.

Internal Page

What should the PI select under the College/Department dropdowns if they are not associated with a Department?

For PIs not affiliated with a specific Department, additional options have been included in the drop down menu. For example, if a Dean is serving as PI they may select their College in the Department field.

What is overhead fund delegation and how does the PI know which overhead delegation option to choose?

To support growth in research, UMass Lowell provides discretionary funds ((Research Investment Funds (RIF)) for reinvestment in research based on a percentages of the recovered overhead (indirect costs). UMass Lowell allows the PI to decide whether they would like approximately 7% of the recovered overhead designated to their College, 7% to an approved center, or 4% to the Department with 3% to the College. If the PI is unsure what designation to choose, they should consult with their Chair.

Proposal Information Page

What should the PI list in the Guidelines field if there are no Guidelines?

There will always be some type of guidance for every proposal. This could be a Funding Opportunity Announcement/Broad Agency Announcement/Solicitation for larger sponsors or a Request for Proposals for smaller sponsors or industry. If the PI indicates None or N/A, delays in routing/review/submission will result as the PRF will be returned for the PI to update the guidelines field and/or attach the RFP to the Budget Page.

Can the PI change the title after submitting the PRF?

Yes. If the PI decides to change the title of their proposal after the PRF has been submitted and/or signed, they should notify the ORA contact working on their proposal ASAP.

Does the PI need to fill in the sponsor address?

The sponsor address field does not need to be populated for larger/common sponsors such as NSF, NIH, DOE, DOD, etc. The address is particularly important for small organizations, companies, and foreign sponsors because they may need to be vetted and manually entered as a new sponsor in PeopleSoft. The attention, email, and phone fields are also important particularly for when ORA is to submit a proposal via email.

Resources Page

What if the PI does not know where the equipment will be located?

The PI must consider equipment location at the time of proposal to ensure the appropriate facilities are available. If unsure of location, consult with the Chair or Dean.

Where can the PI find the UML Facilities Equipment Installation Form?

Form can be found on the Facilities Management website. Any questions regarding this form must be directed to the Facilities Department.

Who should the PI contact if they have questions regarding certifications?

Should the PI have questions regarding any items on this page, the Office of Research Integrity can be contacted directly at one of the contacts listed on the Office of Research Integrity website.

Budget Page

What if the Draft Budget (including cost share) and Project Summary are not ready to be attached?

The draft budget and project summary must be attached before submitting the PRF for routing/approval. If these documents have not been prepared yet, the PI can save a draft of the PRF which they can access and complete at a later time.

Should the PI attach proposal documents other than the Budget and Project Summary to the Budget Page?

Proposal documents other than the Budget and Project Summary should not be attached to this field for ORA review. ORA will only review proposals documents other than the budget/budget justification once the full proposal has been approved for submission by the PI.