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Additional Compensation for Grants

Instructions and Forms to Request Funds

Academic faculty at UMass Lowell on full-time appointments may receive additional compensation. The instructions below will help streamline the process for you to receive funds. First, please review the UMass Guidelines for Additional Faculty Compensation.

Four Steps to Process Grant Compensation

The steps below will make it easier for you when filling out the forms to receive additional faculty compensation.
  1. Request a salary request form from payroll. You will receive this back generally within 24 - 48 hours.
  2. Create an account in DocuSign. Send an email to While this is not required, we strongly recommend it because you’ll be able to track all your forms.
  3. Review the Frequently Asked Questions for more details.
  4. Log into your DocuSign to initiate the form to request compensation. If you do not have a DocuSign account, please initiate through one of the links below.
Principal Investigators: Use the PI DocuSign form if you are the PI and paying yourself.
Employees: Use the employee DocuSign form if the PI is different from employee getting paid and/or if someone is initiating on your behalf.