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Export Control Training Announcement - All researchers in high-risk disciplines (sciences, engineering, and biomedical) MUST receive export control compliance training annually. This training requirement can be met by:

  • Attending a department meeting with an export control training presentation
  • Requesting individual export control training
  • Completing the export controls module of the CITI program

OIC also recommends that all faculty and staff with frequent international contacts receive export control training to help understand the nuances of export controls, and how they can be triggered when least expected.

Additional resources

Intellectual Property protection

In addition to export controls, UMass Lowell faculty, staff, and students should be aware of the increasing loss of intellectual property and other research-related data from U.S. campuses. Such thefts can occur during the course of collaborations, during tours of UMass Lowell facilities, or even via what may seem like an innocent conversation. The FBI has developed the information below to help counter these losses:

For questions or to schedule a training session, please contact Thomas Porro at 978-934-3207 or Elaine Major at 978-934-3452.