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Office of Institutional Compliance

The University of Massachusetts Lowell's Office of Institutional Compliance (OIC) is dedicated to ensuring that the university is compliant with federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to research activities. Compliance is fundamental to the university's ability to support a broad range of research and remain eligible for federal funding. UMass Lowell's administration is committed to supporting OIC's mission and objectives, and is a critical partner in our campus "culture of compliance."

OIC staff ensure compliance by: 

  1. Developing and implementing campus-wide policies and procedures to ensure that the university meets regulatory requirements; 
  2. Conducting outreach and training activities to inform the university community of compliance requirements and UMass Lowell's commitment to research integrity.

This website includes guidance for researchers on: the use of vertebrate animals, the use of human subjects, the use of biohazardous materials, conflicts of interest, outside activity disclosures, responsible conduct in research, radiation safety, and export control compliance requirements. Training information, policies and procedures, forms, and other information are provided under each topical area. Please contact OIC staff at any time for help or more information.