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Conduct in Research

Responsible conduct of research is simply good citizenship practices applied to professional life. It is an ongoing process of reconciling regulations, guidelines, standards and ethics to promote integrity in the proposing, planning, conducting, reporting and reviewing of research. It involves reporting and working honestly, accurately, efficiently and objectively.

The Office of Research Integrity directs Public Health Service funded research and has published the “Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research”, by N. H. Steneck, as a resource guide. This can be accessed from their website. UMass Lowell also has an RCR Training available from CITI.

Responsible conduct of research covers research that involves human and animal subjects, data management, mentor and training responsibilities and reporting. The Office of Institutional Compliance at UML hopes to provide leadership to the research community by promoting educational opportunities that promote responsible conduct of research. Training opportunities may include courses in research methods, courses sponsored by the institutional boards that oversee animal, human and biohazardous subject research; orientation sessions for new faculty, staff and students; institutional-wide lecture and discussion series; professional development; and feature articles in newsletters or campus publications.