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All personnel involved in animal care, treatment, and/or use must complete required trained to insure that key concepts related to responsible care and use of animals are fully understood. An online training certification of completion and hands-on training in specific procedures are required for working with animals. Attendance at the annual presentation of "IACUC Health and Safety Training for Animal Workers" is also required.

A certificate of completion from online training is required for all IACUC members, PIs, students, technicians and staff that work with animals and must be updated every three years. The online training is available via the CITI program. Register as a University of Massachusetts Lowell participant and exam results will be sent directly to the IACUC Administrator. For hands-on training, contact the ORS Facility Manager at 978-934-4698. For more information about training, refer to the IACUC Policies and Procedures.

In addition, there is a new video that reviews aseptic technique for rodent surgeries called: Principles of Rodent Surgery for the New Surgeon.