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Animal Use: IACUC

Annual IACUC and occupational health training is required for all faculty, staff, and students who are involved with animal research.

The IACUC is responsible for overseeing all animal care and use at UMass Lowell and has adopted policies and procedures that apply to all vertebrate animals used for research and teaching. The IACUC investigates concerns involving the care and use of animals. The Committee has the authority to suspend activities involving animals if it is determined that the activity is not conducted as described to and approved by the IACUC. 

Regulatory guidelines specify that the IACUC shall consist of not less than five members: one doctor of veterinary medicine, one scientist, one non-scientist, and at least one outside member who is not a user of animals and is not affiliated with the institution. All correspondence with the IACUC should be sent to the IACUC Chair or the IACUC Administrator in care of the Office of Institutional Compliance.

To ensure that UMass Lowell maintains accountability of activities involving animals in research, testing, and instruction, the IACUC:
  • reviews all research, testing, and instructional protocols involving animals
  • conducts semiannual reviews of the UMass Lowell programs and facilities
  • reviews and addresses concerns involving animals in research, testing, and instruction
  • advises the Institutional Official regarding any aspect of the animal program, facilities, and personnel.