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Contact Information

  • For general questions related to research proposals or activities, contact your assigned grants and contracts administrator (GCA), or Susan Puryear, executive director for research administration.
  • For specific questions about detailed FCOI or outside activity disclosures, email:, or email:, director for institutional compliance (OIC).

Conflicts Committee information

Meetings are scheduled monthly. For assistance, contact by email:

  • Anne Maglia - Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration and Institutional Compliance, who is the lead contact for the campus Conflicts Committee, and informs the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation.
  • Michael Centola - Director of OIC, who can answer questions and assists with evaluating initial FCOI and Outside Activity disclosures. Email:
  • Julie Chen - Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, who is the chief research officer and a UMass Lowell representative to the UMass System-Wide Conflict Committee. Email: