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There are different reporting requirements and mechanisms to meet Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) and textbook disclosure requirements. All disclosures are confidential. For questions, email:

  • For outside activities in which university personnel are paid directly for something outside of their normal university duties, a disclosure is required per the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission. Some examples of activities to disclose include consulting activities, payments for textbook authorship, travel reimbursements, or involvement in a company.
  • For sponsored research, a summary FCOI disclosure is required for all investigators at the time of proposal submission. If there is something to disclose, a detailed disclosure form will be sent to the individual.
  • For textbook disclosures, this is required by the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission. The Provost’s Office handles these disclosures. Visit the Faculty Success website under "Helpful Resources" or email for questions or assistance.

Consulting and Outside Activity Reporting for Faculty and Staff

An annual disclosure is required from all UMass Lowell personnel regarding outside activities as defined in Trustee Policy T96-047. There are separate forms for faculty and staff:

Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Disclosure Forms for Sponsored Research

Faculty investigators are required to submit a Summary FCOI Disclosure Form for for each proposal submission for sponsored research. The disclosure form is initiated by and sent to the researcher(s) from ORA. Additional forms may be necessary, depending on the nature of the research and collaborations. Online training is also required for PHS and affiliated agencies. Training is available on the CITI Program website.

Disclosures must be updated annually for awarded activities. For researchers who have a FCOI disclosure to file, a detailed disclosure must be completed for review. Other forms for sponsored research include: