Two people working in the clean room at the Saab ETIC Building.

Ph.D. Theses

  • 2015: Vikram S. Prasher:, "Search for Shape Transitions in Neutron-rich Wisotopes and Optimizing Hole Mobilities for Gamma-Ray Tracking"
  • 2015: Emily G. Jackson, "Evaluation of Segmented Amorphous-Contact Planar Germanium Detectors for Heavy-Element Research"
  • 2014: Nathan D'Olympia, "Development of a New Fast Neutron Spectrometer using 6Li-depleted Cs2LIYCl6 Scintillators"
  • 2012: Sankha S. Hota, "Spectroscopy of Neutron-Rich Pu, Cm and Cf Nuclei via Inelastic and Transfer Reactions"
  • 2009: Urmila Shirwadkar, "Spectroscopy of Heavy Elements: K-Isomers in 246,248Cm"
  • 2004: Emmanuel Ngijoi-Yogo, "Collective Band Structures in Neutron-Rich 180,182Hf Nuclei"
  • 2002: Irina Shestakova, "Decay Spectroscopy of Multi-quasiparticle K-Isomers in Neutron-Rich 181,182Hf Nuclei"
  • 2000: Rick D'Alarcao, "Isomers in Stable and Neutron-Rich Hafnium Nuclei Using Inelastic/Transfer Reactions and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy"

M.S. Theses

  • 2014: Katharine Moran, "A Tricontadipole (E5) Transition in 137Ba"
  • 2013: Emily G. Jackson, "Evaluation of a New Contact Technology for a Planar High-Purity Germanium Double-sided Strip Detector"
  • 2013: Nathan D'Olympia, "Development of Novel Neutron and Gamma-Ray Scintillators: Cs2LiYCl6:Ce and CeBr3"
  • 2012: Vikram S. Prasher, "Isomeric Studies with Multi-Detector Arrays"v
  • 2007: Urmila Shirwadkar, "Investigating Shape Evolution and Delayed Nucleon Alignment in the Heaviest Stable Isotope of Hafnium"
  • 2007: Cody M.Wilson, "A Position Sensitive Avalanche Photodiode for Charged Particle Investigations"