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woman adjusting knob on nano equipment


UMass Lowell Nanomanufacturing Center has always participated in interdisciplinary research and have participated with other universities and companies to develop the most industrial relevant solutions. The team is composed of 30 faculty and guided by 25 industry executives.

Collaborations with other Universities was a key ingredient of the National Science Foundation (NSF) award in 2004 for the Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN), a multi-university, National Science Foundation funded center (NSEC). Researchers from each university provided a specific area of expertise to the over-all goals of the Center. The Center was successfully funded by the NSF through ten years.

Key participants were:. 

Northeastern University -- Prof. Ahmed Busnaina, mechanical engineering, was director of the CHN. Participating faculty from Northeastern supply expertise in electronics, MEMS, and contamination. 

University of New Hampshire -- Prof. Glen Miller, chemistry, was the lead person for the CHN at UNH. UNH  provides strength in chemistry, physics, and materials science.

Michigan State University -- Prof. David Tomanek, molecular dynamics modeling of carbon nanotubes.

This program led to a strong, continuing cooperative bond between UMass Lowell and Northeastern to the extent that the two universities have successfully teamed to pursue other government contracts.  In addition, the Nano EHS (Environmental, Health & Safety) UMass Lowell Team has worked closely with Prof. Jacqueline Issacs of Northeastern University as they jointly test and develop new techniques and processes to ensure that the nano products of today and the future are safe for workers, customers, and the environment.

Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art of Israel and the University of Massachusetts Lowell signed a historic agreement establishing an international graduate of engineering program.  The Nanomanufacturing Center has also benefited from a close relationship with Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art.   In particular, the Nanomanufacturing Center has worked closely with Prof. Hanna Dodiuk and Prof. Shmuel Kenig of Shenkar for many years.  More recently this collaboration has led to the development at UMass Lowell of a more durable superhydrophobic coating based on an initial Shenkar College coating patent.

The Nanomanufacturing Center continues to reach out to fellow researchers around the world to collaborate on cutting edge research.  Please contact us for more information on collaborating.