The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production uses rigorous science and innovative strategies to develop practical solutions that promote environmentally sound systems of production and consumption.

We Investigate

We study ways to assure that:

  • Products are designed without using hazardous substances.
  • Diseases are prevented by eliminating toxic exposures from jobs, homes and communities.
  • Businesses that want to go green can also provide good jobs and remain profitable.
  • New markets are created by the development of sustainable products and services.

We Collaborate

We work with the right people, on the right issues, at the right time. For example:

  • The Lowell Center began studying sustainable toys before the massive recalls for lead contamination.
  • We have led the way in promoting the precautionary principle in environmental policy.
  • We’ve been hosting a national green chemistry business organization, the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) since 2005.
  • We’ve partnered with home healthcare agencies and unions to improve the safety of clients and caregivers in this rapidly growing industry.

We Articulate

  • We offer training, technical assistance, policy advice and publications.
  • Our reports target policymakers, businesses, and the general public, providing resources to inspire improvements that protect health and the environment.