Rendering of early concept SPACE HAUC CubeSat in orbit

Team Leads

  • Alexander Casperson - Project Manager and member of the Antennas Team, Alex leads the project making sure designs are completed correctly, within the technical requirements, within the schedule and under budget. He interfaces with outside companies and other resources in order to get help both technically and with obtaining parts. On the antennas team, he helps with the RF circuitry design as well as defining the testing procedures.
  • Eric Carey – Mechanical Engineering student and thermal team lead, Eric's main focus has been helping to design and analyze a passive thermal control system to protect the satellite's critical components from thermal failures. He and the team have developed numerical simulations to model the environmental effects of different orbital situations to determine the best possible design for worst case thermal scenarios. Eric has also focused on working with the team to develop the necessary tests required to enhance model validity and meet the subsystem requirements as well as helping to integrate the thermal design at a system level.
  • Samuel Ashton – Physics major, Deputy Project Manager, Systems Engineer and Beam Steering Team Lead, Sam ensures that all of the teams are working within their design requirements, are within their budgets, and fills in as Project Manager when necessary. As Beam Steering Team Lead he is responsible for guiding and assisting team members as they research, code, and test various algorithms to achieve Beam Steering with a 4x4 Planar array. 

Undergraduate co-op scholars Fall 2017

  • Jared Mendes – Jared works with thermal control system design. He will be working to help 3D print a full scale model of the CubeSat to use as help with assembly procedure documentation. Jared will also be helping to continue the thermal team's computational simulations in order to finalize the thermal control design. Lastly, he will assist the team in performing thermal environmental tests during the final stages of the project in order to help validate thermal requirements.

Undergraduate co-op scholars Summer 2017

  • Nicholas Deane - Nicholas works with the structures team, specifically focusing on solar panel deployment and mounting electrical components. His experience involved using SolidWorks to design the general structure of the satellite and deploy-able mechanisms. Utilizing 3D printers and laser cutters, he has contributed to the general prototyping and design of experiments. He is also responsible for risk assessment and IDAF matrices.
  • Divyanshu Verma – Divyanshu works with the power team to develop an overall system logic which will dictate how much power each subsystem gets at what times so we are never in a power deficit during our orbits. I have also been working with the structures team to develop and test a unique solar panel deployment mechanism using an electrically heated nichrome wire as a thermal knife.
  • Jake Hogan – Mathematics student and beam steering team member, Jake was primarily responsible for researching algorithms and then implementing the recursive least squares algorithm using MATLAB code. The programmed algorithm can take a noisy signal, identify the desired signal coming from ground station, and filter out white noise, allowing the phased array antenna to track the signal and communicate with ground station.
  • Adam Yassine – A member of the beam steering team, Adam researched beam steering concepts for a 4x4 (planar) phased array antenna. He studied various beamforming algorithms, such as recursive least squares (RLS) and least mean squares (LMS). Afterwards, he analyzed how to estimate the direction of arrival (DOA) of incoming plane wave signals with respect to the satellite’s orientation. The beamforming algorithm uses the calculated azimuth and elevation angles in the feedback process to optimize satellite communication.
  • Timothy Barrett – Tim helped design the main bus and mounting fixtures for the electronic sub-systems of the SPACE HAUC cubesat. He also ran finite element simulations for design verification as per GSFC-STD-7000A. In addition, he helped design optical fixtures and electronics mounting for the CHAND project.
  • Gavin Vincent – Electrical Engineering student and SPACE HAUC Antennas Team Lead, Gavin’s main focus was working on the antennas team’s microstrip patch array determining the physical specifications for the antenna elements. This has involved research on the design of appropriate transmission lines and feeding systems to deliver the signal. Gavin has also aided in RF component selection and design for the backend circuitry to power the satellites antenna array.

Former members

  • Becky Campelli
  • Silverio Johnson
  • Dan Borcoche
  • Will Chambers
  • Alex Light
  • Will Mann
  • Stephen Kender
  • Nicholas Deane
  • Sanjeev Mehta
  • Nicholas Christo
  • David Paluzzi
  • Liam Murphy
  • Adam Clancy
  • David Donahue
  • George Le
  • Sohit Pal
  • Rebecca Campelli
  • Michael Zurawski
  • Jacob Hulme                                                 
  • Justin DePlacido
  • William Taylor
  • Connor Summers
  • Darrien Glasser
  • Matthew Dolan
  • Shyam Sheth
  • Patrick Donegan
  • Connor McGrory
  • Yusuf Yildiz
  • Silverio Johnson
  • Charles Barbon
  • Jake Maguy
  • Alec GolasGreg Best
  • Aaron Brier- ACSSean Cummings-CDH
  • Dat Le