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The Institute for Visualization and Perception Research (IVPR) is an interdisciplinary group whose research and contract activities focus on the development of interactive tools, systems, and displays that enable individuals and groups to analyze, visualize and explore data using visualization and analysis, and to disseminate and share results.

Our goal is to facilitate and improve the exploration of various types of data, including massive, distributed and complex data sets. Areas in which we have worked include public and personal health, epidemiology, pandemic observance, education, economics, crime statistics, network monitoring, satellite imagery, and homeland security.

Our work - which is both theoretical and applied - draws from the fields of computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, artificial intelligence, psychology and design arts.

The specific goals of the IVPR are:
  • To apply knowledge of perception, cognition and reasoning to the development of visual analytics technologies.
  • To train visualization and visual analytics scientists.
  • To disseminate visualization and visual analytics technology.
  • To provide consultation in visualization and visual analytics to industry and government. 
  • To develop custom software for specific applications.   
With its expertise in the areas of highly interactive visualization of complex data, including collaborative and distributed visualization, the IVPR can support the management, analysis, exploration and development of information systems.

Weave: With initial support from the multi-region Open Indicators Consortium (OIC), the Institute for Visualization and Perception Research lab developed the open source Weave (Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment).  Weave Visual Analytics has taken over the development and support of the code (see Weave's core code is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3), and the Weave API under the Mozilla Public License (MPLv1.1). The web-based Weave platform enables users, from novices to advanced researchers, to analyze, visualize and disseminate data and indicators at nested levels of geography from any location at any time.  The Weave code is available for download. Please visit the Weave Project page which provides everything needed to install Weave.