image of Brausen Connor
Connor Brausen Radiological Engineer, Staff Scientist

Educational Background

M.S. Health Physics, University of Massachusetts Lowell, 2016


Connor Brausen received his Master’s degree from UMass Lowell in Health Physics, 2016. He contracted as a Junior Radiation Protection Technologist to work the refueling outage at Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant in Monticello Minnesota. His primary responsibility while on site was to be a guard for the Drywell, which was posted as a Locked High Radiation Area (LHRA), working 12-hour days, six days a week. While not on duty as the LHRA Guard, Connor traveled the plant and shadowed and helped people performing different duties. He was able to see the turbines all taken apart and help with taking masslinn and smear surveys on the turbine deck. Additionally, he worked at Access Control and helped assemble PAP hoods as well as helped with the free release of materials from the RCA. Following his completed contract with Monticello, Connor began a full time job as a Radiological Engineer/Staff Scientist at DW James Consulting in North Oaks, Minnesota, June 2017.