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The Center for Terrorism and Security Studies

Most nuclear science and engineering programs, like the ones at UMass Lowell, provide a robust fundamental nuclear engineering and science focused curriculum. These programs are mainly concerned with safety rather than the technical and policy issues associated with safeguards and security.

There are only a few universities that have nuclear science and engineering programs in conjunction with a nuclear policy program such as, the UMass Lowell’s Center for Terrorism and Security Studies (CTSS). At UMass Lowell the NS&E programs in collaboration with CTSS and the Radiation Laboratory are establishing research, education, and training programs that holistically capture these three elements: safety, safeguards and security.

CTSS scope includes a wide range of potential initiatives, particularly involving behavioral and social science analysis on topics such as: 

  • terrorist radicalization and psychology
  • organized crime networks’ use of technology
  • ethical dimensions of counterterrorism strategies
  • black market proliferation of WMD materials
  • enabling environments for terrorism and insurgency
  • organizational behavior among terrorist and criminal networks

UMass Lowell faculty work internationally to promote the development of research, education and training tools that support a wide range of global nuclear security, safety and safeguards objectives.


CANBERRA has been serving the nuclear community for over four decades. The company is the leading provider of innovative and cost-effective nuclear measurement solutions used to maintain safety of personnel, assess the health of nuclear facilities and safeguard the public and the environment.

CANBERRA has collaborated for many years with leading scientists from the US and international safeguards agencies to develop the technologies needed for treaty verification. This collaboration has resulted in a wide array of products which facilitate material protection, control and accountability.

The Scientist and Engineers from CANBERRA Laboratories work collaboratively with researchers and students from Integrated Nuclear Security and Safeguards Laboratory on number of activities including: detector characterization; teaching and training; workshops and joint research proposals. This mutually beneficial partnership provides a platform for broad scope engagement by both the partners with the domestic and international nuclear security and safeguards community. Below are highlights of this partnership:

  • CANBERRA mentors at INSSL 
  • Student interns at CANBERRA 
  • CANBERRA funded research projects 
  • Joint seminars and training workshops 
  • Greater visibility for both partners