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Andrew Gatesman

Andrew Gatesman faculty bio photo
Andrew Gatesman, Ph.D. Associate Research Professor, Director, Principal Investigator


Millimeter-wavelength and terahertz frequency optical systems and dielectric properties of materials

Research Interests

THz and millimeter-wave optical characterization systems, Tailoring the dielectric properties of materials, Polarimetric rough surface scattering, Frequency selective structures, Electromagnetic absorbing structures


Doctorate, Physics, UMass Lowell
Master of Science, Physics, UMass Lowell
Bachelor of Science, Physics, Rochester Institute of Technology


Andrew Gatesman is an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Physics and Applied Physics at UMass Lowell. He is the Director and Principal Investigator of UMass Lowell's Submillimeter-Wave Technology Laboratory (STL) that has a federally funded, multi-year, radar-modeling contract with the Department of Defense. 
Gatesman direct and oversees a staff of over 20 individuals in the delivery of multiple federally contracted obligations. Key responsibilities include leading the technical direction, staff development, contract deliverables, and financial management of STL's government funded radar-modeling program. Personnel management duties include leading all new hiring actions, handling professional development initiatives, and conducting employee performance evaluations. Financial responsibilities include approving and tracking all labor and procurement expenditures. 
He has also served as Principle Investigator on a variety of research efforts with numerous companies and government agencies such as MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Natick Laboratory, Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Missile Defense Command and Raytheon.