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Current Projects


Hand grip test

Below are the current research projects occurring the Health Assessment Lab (HAL).

  • Professor Pei-Chun Kao of the Department of Physical Therapy is looking at the identification of the biomechanic and neuromuscular control of human movements to help develop better assistive devices and evidence-based guidelines for gait rehabilitation in the elderly and in patients following a stroke.
  • Professors Keith Hallbourg and Alexandre Lopes of the Department of Physical Therapy are assessing the intra- and inter-examiner reliability for measuring the hamstring passive stretching in healthy adults with prototype stretching device. Identifying physiological indicators of a person's increased risk for musculoskeletal injury, such as hamstring passive length may decrease the likelihood of muscle injury from overexertion.
Skin fold calipers


  • Professor Kyle Coffey utilizes the metabolic monitoring equipment with students in his Exercise Physiology courses to learn hands-on, practical skills that are used by today's industry leaders. Students also have the chance to assist faculty with physiological testing of the University's athletes.
  • The MPH in Dietetics' Course "Nutrition Assessment," led by Professor Kelsey Mangano, is using HAL for hands on laboratory experiences testing validated and reliable nutrition assessment tools.
  • Professor Mary Kate Keyes will be using the HAL to align the skills of our students with the needs of the University. Graduate students in the MPH Coordinated Program will, as part of their coursework in Advanced Clinical Nutrition, counsel the sophomore cadets of the ROTC Air Force program. This six-week intensive counseling program aims to enhance the counseling skills of the graduate students while improving the health and nutrition knowledge of the cadets.