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Ramraj Gautam

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Dr. Ramraj GautamSenior Lecturer I
  • CollegeZuckerberg College of Health Sciences
  • DepartmentSusan and Alan Solomont School of Nursing
  • Phone(978) 934-4398
  • OfficeHealth and Social Sciences Building
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  • Ph D: Health Sciences and Nursing with specialization in Social Gerontology, (2008), University of Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan
  • MA: Sociology, (2000), Tribhuvan University, Department of Sociology - Kathmandu, Nepal

Awards and Honors

  • Second prize: 10th AnnSual contest for scientific papers by foreign students in the Graduate school of Medicine (2008), Scholarship/Research - The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Monbukagakusho Scholarship (2004), Scholarship/Research - Japanese Government


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  • Gautam, R. (2017) "New Findings in Transcultural Nursing Described by R. Gautam and Co-Researchers (Bhutanese Older Adult Refugees Recently Resettled in the United States: A Better Life With Little Sorrows).," Health & Medicine Week
  • Gautam, R., Mawn, B., Beehler, S. () "Bhutanese Older Adult Refugees recently Resettled in the United States: A Better life but with Little Sorrows," Journal of Transcultural Nursing
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  • Gautam, R., VanEtten, D. (2012) "Custodial Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Lack of Legal Relationship is a Barrier for Services," Journal of Gerontological Nursing 38:6 pp. 18-22
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  • Global health and aging issues - Guest speaker for the pre-med students, March 2017 - Fox Hall, UMass Lowell
  • Bhutanese Older Adult Refugees: Concerns about Aging in the U.S - A symposium presentation at the Gerontological Society of America 68th Annual Scientific Meeting, November 2016 - New Orleans, LA
  • An MCBS-Based Investigation of Alternative Primary Care Models in Nursing Homes: Cost and Utilization Differences - 68th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, November 2015 - Orlando, FL

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Effect of modernization on intergenerational relationships in Nepal. Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS) (2007), Grant - University of Tokyo, Japan
    Gautam, R.
  • Predictors of adult Bhutanese refugees’ mental health outcomes: A survey study in the northeastern United States (), Grant - Circle Health Ball for Community Health Initiatives, 2017 Community Health Initiatives grant
    Gautam, R., Mawn, B., Ho, I.K.
  • Pilot testing of a suicide prevention program for Bhutanese refugees. (), Grant - UMass Lowell Chancellor’s 2020 Challenge Grant Fund
    Gautam, R., Mawn, B., Rizal, T.
  • Comparative analysis of alternative primary care models in institutional long-term care residents using the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (2011), Grant - UMass Lowell SHE Interdisciplinary Seed Grant