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Graduate Degree Programs

  • "Database of Shallow Foundations on Undrained Soils," Abner M. Reis, Spring 08.
  • “Performance Evaluation of a Large Scale Pile Load Testing Program In Light of Newly Developed LRFD Parameters”, Eric Thibodeau, Fall 04.
  • "Settlement Evaluation of CFA Shafts;"Wisam Mualem; Summer 2004; graduate final project, Co-supervision with Prof. Sam Frydman, Department of CEE, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
  • "The Performance of In Place Constructed Deep Foundations In Dynamic Testing," (completed project, credits as special topics), Erin Griffin, Fall 03
  • “Drop Weight Dynamic Testing for Drilled Shafts” (completed project, credits as special topics), Zengxuan (Frank) Li, Summer 02
  • “The Correlation Between Driven Pile Capacity Predictions at EOD using the Energy Approach and at BOR using CAPWAP”, Kevin O’Malley, Spring 2000
  • “Development and Testing of Small Size Anchors for Quick Deployment Structures," George Saliby, Spring 1996
  • “Evaluation and Remediation of Stiles Reservoir Dam, Leicester, MA;" Kevin Martin, Spring 1996
  • “The Development of an Apparatus to Measure Arching of Granular Material," Joshua E. Lee, Fall 1994
  • “Comparison Study of Load Test Evaluation Methods," Alberto Gala, Fall 1994
  • “Design of Sheet Pile Retaining Walls“, Mark Gingiacomo, Fall 1993
  • “Comparison between Physical and Engineering Properties of New England Glacial Till," Thomas Follett, Fall 1991
  • “Experimental Study of Model Pile Plugging”, Mehrdad Mobed, Spring 1990
  • “The Energy Approach Method for the Prediction of Pile Capacity”, John McDonnell, Spring 1990.