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Michele Jodar

Michele Jodarmichel-opt
"Air Hockey Champ"

M. Sc. Candidate
NSF-NYI Graduate Research Assistant
Place of Birth: Boston, Ma.

Thesis Topic:

Frictional Resistance of Driven Piles


B.Sc. Merrimack College, 1999


Michele came to the Geotechnical Engineering Research Laboratory (Geisha) via an assist from Mike King in the Advanced Composite Material Research Laboratory (ACMTRL). Once she entered the lab, however, her fellow research fellows found her to be a “nice” fit once she told Mike to use a hat for something other than wearing.

Michele provides the lab with numerous stories of what life is like on the “outside”, including the trials and tribulations of the singles scene. In her spare time she can be seen designing drainage for roadway's on AutoCAD and frolicking the beaches of Aruba with her former best friend. Once, she returns from her whirl wind tour of the world, she plans on working on her Masters degree. Michele’s wit, intellect, pizzazz, and sweet smelling sprays make her an important part of the lab.

For more information about Michele, you can send her email @