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Michael Bachand

Michael Bachandmike-opt
"Pretty Face"

M. Sc. Candidate

MHD Graduate Research Assistant

Place of Birth: Lynn, MA

Thesis Topic:

Express Method of Pile Testing by Static-Cyclic Load (pdf)


B.Sc. U. Massachusetts – Lowell, 1997


Mike Bachand, who is currently the closest to being removed from this poster, was an excellent asset to Ed’ famous beer league softball team. The story line that he is using is that he messed up his knee while playing soccer, that is questionable though. Since tearing his ACL he can be seen hobbling around or driving the Cougar. By the way, Adam Sandler wrote a song about “The Cougar” entitled “Ode to the Car”. Other than soccer, Mike’s hobbies include downloading MP3 files from illegal FTP sites, embarrassing people at all the wrong times, and playing those infamous games that seem to pop up on his computer. He is often heard saying “Pick it up, you are losing”. After finishing his sentence in the Geotechnical Research Laboratory, Mike plans to travel beyond the Mississippi so that he can see the “Wild Blue Yonder”.

For more information about Mike, you can send him email @