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Edward Hajduk

Edward Hajduked-opt
“Big Ed”

D. Eng. Candidate
MHD Graduate Research Fellow
Place of Birth: Concord, MA

Dissertation Topic:

Theoretical Evaluation and Full Scale Testing Examination of Pile Capacity Gain with Time (pdf)


B.Sc. U. Massachusetts – Lowell, 1995
M. Sc. U. Massachusetts – Lowell, 1999


Known to the French-Canadians as Jacques La Skier, Big Ed Hajduk is the meat and muscle within the GeoSpa crew. His 6’-2”, 270 lb. frame has been known to frighten curious undergraduates who enter the lab. Ed’s accomplishments range from starting in Game 7 of the 1975 World Series to saving his family from Hurricane Gloria in 1986. When in the real world, Ed plays a mean 3rd base in beer league softball, barbecues red meat, and drives the Tracker®. His relentless pursuit of a tall, slender, intelligent redhead to mate for life with has to date not born fruit, but his quest continues. Ed is currently working towards graduating so his family won’t start sentences with the phrase “Ten years of college and he still can’t….”. Ed can also be seen on Thursday nights on Must See TV during the fall season on NBC in the new comedy show “Hajdukiewicz, P.I.”.

Ed's M.Sc. Thesis Abstract: Design and Construction of an Instrumented Test Pile Cluster (pdf)

Other publications: Evaluation of Driven Pile Capacity (pdf)

For more information about Ed, you can send him email @