Two people working in the clean room at the Saab ETIC Building.

Amy Hamiltonamy-opt

M. Sc. Candidate
Graduate Research Assistant
Place of Birth: Wilmington, Ma

Thesis Topic:

The Mechanism of Load Transfer in Granular Material Utilizing Tactile Sensor Technology


B.Sc. Tufts University, 1992
B.Sc. U. Massachusetts – Lowell, 1999


Amy hails from the wilderness of Wilmington , although she recently abandoned that quaint town for the wicked wiles of Salem. She has followed in the footsteps of her mentor Mike Bachand. She followed him from the rigorous regiment of the Army Corp. of Engineers in Natick where they worked on many top secrets projects. However, Amy is quick to deny any leak of nuclear information to the Chinese and her overnight stays in the Lincoln Bedroom. Since her addition to the lab, she has received large cash payments from Steve Tien and now Taiwan is on the brink of becoming a major player in the nuclear market. Her quest for knowledge and the holy grail make her a valuable asset to the lab.

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