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Student Clubs

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

Students For Sustainability

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to building a more sustainable world for current and future generations. To accomplish this goal, ESW undertakes direct projects in campuses and communities targeted towards sustainability, and educates communities about sustainability as a broad topic.

The Lowell ESW Chapter is working towards this goal through a variety of projects and outreach activities:

  • By building a smoothie cart (bike-powered blender) to create smoothies without electricity.
  • By partnering with the Lowell Transitional Living Center to identify any engineering solutions their facility may need.
  • By traveling to local grade schools to engage students about STEM and sustainability.

Interested in joining ESW? Send a message to to inquire about an upcoming meeting, or request membership in the organization via the, UMass Lowell Clubs website.

The Solar Energy Association is a graduate student organization composed of graduate students interested in renewable energy, especially solar energy. The association's primary purpose is to communicate and learn together about the renewable energy field by discussing their research and seeking out speakers of interest from industry and academia. They strive to promote solar and renewable energy as a field of study by advertising such presentations to the wider UMass Lowell community. The club works to support students in the Energy Engineering graduate program (Renewable option) by fostering collaboration on student projects, introducing energy research to new students, and helping students in the program get access to funds for research and professional development.

Interested in joining? Request membership in the association, here.