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Battery Evaluation

Research is being conducted in the following areas:
  • Rejuvenation of weak batteries to new condition, often over original rating.
  • Recently we discovered a methodology which will rejuvenate sealed lead acid batteries, including electric car batteries, and restore them to their original ratings.
  • Life Cycle Testing, Accelerated Aging
  • Realistic EV Simulation using actual electric vehicle road test data
  • The electric car can be simulated in the lab using data taken from a data acquisition system on an operational electric car to verify the battery design. We determine whether the batteries will be overcharging during braking or overdischarged during a high-speed run.
  • Mathematical modeling of batteries
  • A mathematical model was developed for lead acid batteries which is widely used by battery manufacturers and users. A mathematical model of NiCd batteries has also been developed.
  • Battery abuse testing including over discharge, overcharge, etc. to develop procedures which ensure long battery life.
  • Universal Charging Algorithm
  • A Universla charging Algorithm is developed which will optimize the performance of most sealed lead acid, Nicke-Cadmium, and Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries.
  • Small battery defects
  • Research is conducted to detect defects in various types of small batteries such as Polaroid Zinc Manganese film pack types.
  • Effect of Temperature on battery performance