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Power Electronics

Research is being conducted in the following areas:
  • Static Var Compensators Performance Evaluation
  • Harmonic bifurcation and magnification in power distribution systems was studied using graphical methods as well as artificial neural network theory. The influence of Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistor-controlled Thyristors (MCTs) in static var compensators on the harmonic magnification was investigated. 
  • Single-Axis and Two-Axis sun trackers for residential photovoltaic arrays
  • Sun trackers maximize the power output of the PV arrays by orienting the panels tpward the sun, compensating for seasonal and hourly variations of the irradience. Our sun trackers improve output ny 20%. 
  • Photovotaic Powered Water Pumping
  • Two-stage and four-stage electrical array reconfiguration controllers were developed and tested t improve the performance of PV-powered water pumps.
  • PV-powered health clinic
  • Multi-stage and single-stage dual priority controllers for a PV-powered health clinic were developed. The controllers insure essential equipment, such as vaccine refrigerators, have priority over auxiliaries, such as fans. 
  • Design and performance evaluation of inverters for photovoltaic, stand-alone power system. 
  • Step-Up and Step-Down Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT)