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Electric Vehicle Evaluation

Research is being conducted in the following areas:
  • On-board Modular Battery Management System
  • We are currently designing and fabricating an on-board battery charger/management system to protect batteries from overcharge and overdischarge during vehicle operation and refueling. 
  • Solid state active load battery pack discharger
  • We are currently designing and fabricating a solid state active load, which can be used to automatically discharge and electric vehicle at a specified rate to a specified cut-off voltage. 
  • Battery Charger and Battery Pack Testing Station
  • Comparison of four types of batteries to choose the most suitable for Solectria electric cars. 
  • Electric vehicle battery pack discharge test to determine working capacity. 
  • Electric vehicle range tests. 
  • Battery charger and charge algorithm evaluation including study of efficiency, power factor, and harmonics. 
  • Fast battery charging using battery-to-battery charging techniques. 
  • Photovoltaic powered electric vehicle battery charging station.