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The primary focus of the Center for Electric Car and Energy Conversion is application of renewable energy in roof-top residential, industrial, and utility-interactive environments. The Center is dedicated to transferring the most promising technology to industry, initially targeting local area high-tech energy conversion and electric vehicle companies. One of the important goals of the research conducted at the Center is to have working examples of renewable energy technology to educate students, industry, and the general public; thus providing a solid framework for integrating renewable energy into the residential community and local industries.

The EC&EC accomplishes this goal in part by training graduate and undergraduate students in renewable energy, electric car, and energy conversion technologies for the local and national workforces. The Center also interacts closely with local industries, aiming at solving problems facing the electric car industry as well as developing new methods of utilizing renewable energy systems. By long-term monitoring and research, the EC&EC aims at making renewable and zero-emission energy systems safe, efficient, and reliable.