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Weather Alert 2/20/19: University parking ban begins at 11 p.m.


In the past year, our research has been interdisciplinary. We have worked with the following UMass Lowell professors as well as Fire Science and Technology, Inc. (Issaquah, WA):

  • Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering: Professor Alfred Donatelli
  • Department of Plastics Engineering: Professors Francis Lai (Center Director) Nick Schott and Ramaswami Nagarajan
  • Department of Chemistry: Professors William Bannister (Co-Director) and Edwin Jahngen
  • Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering: Pradeep Kurup
  • Department of Physics: Professor James Egan
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering: Professor Hungwei Sun
  • Fire Science and Technology, Inc. (Issaquah, WA): Vytenis Babrauskas